Skills and deliciousness go hand-in-hand with cookie sales

Girl Scouts will be selling cookies Feb. 2-March 8


Robin Morris, a Girl Scout troop leader and mom, loves what the annual cookie sales does for the girls.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity,” Morris said, “because they learn skills that they will take with them through adulthood.”

It begins with setting reasonable sales goals and time management that’s accomplishable within their other commitments such as family and school. It then proceeds to learning business ethics, money management and people/communication skills during the approximate month of sales. Finally, learned skills circle back to decision-making such as how the girls will use their cookie sales revenue.

“That’s a lot of responsibility for a 10-year-old,” Morris said. But “cookie sales — and Girl Scouts in general — teaches those skills in age-appropriate ways. And they (the girls) will build on those skills each year. It’s amazing to watch.”

Girl Scout cookie sales began on Feb. 2 and will continue through March 8.

Individual troops get to decide among themselves how they will use their cookie money revenue. The girls in Morris’ troop — Girl Scout Troop 65698, which includes the Hilltop and Lowery neighborhoods in Denver — will be working toward what they call the Three S’s — Spend, Save and Share.

Bianca Morris, Robin Morris’ daughter and one of four members in Troop 65698 explained: Spend will be on a to-be-determined fun day this spring or summer that could include Elitch’s, bowling, camping or roller skating, for example. Save means the money will be put toward a troop trip to Costa Rica, to take place in another two years when all the girls turn 12. And share will be the portion of proceeds that will fund the girls’ Bronze project this fall. The Bronze project is still in planning phase, but one idea in the mix is to fund a clothing drive for a homeless shelter.

“Girl Scouts look forward to cookie sales every year because you get excited to work toward your goal,” Bianca Morris said, who has been a Girl Scout for three years. “And it’s (selling cookies) is something you can do with your troop or alone.”

Bianca Morris particularly likes booth sales, such as those set up outside of local grocery stores, because that’s when she generally sells the most cookies, she said.

“It’s important not to be shy when selling cookies,” Bianca Morris said.

Robin Morris added that although the girls do learn sales pitches and how to approach potential customers in a friendly manner, they also learn how to take rejection in stride.

“A `no, thank you,’ is part of the process,” Robin Morris said.

Bianca Morris is also looking forward to the new cookie this year. Lemon-Ups is a crispy lemon cookie, baked with inspirational messages submitted by actual Girl Scouts.

Lemon-Ups are replacing Savannah Smiles, and joins Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Dos-Si-Dos, S’mores and the gluten-free Toffee-tastic.

“All Girl Scout cookies are delicious,” Bianca Morris said. “But people always want to try the new cookie.”

She added that she doesn’t blame them.

“They sound pretty good.”


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